Corporate & Family Care
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Employers can gain an economic advantage by recognising and developing efficient family friendly strategies.

Corporate & Family Care Australia provides lunchtime or breakfast seminars which focus on the development of employees’ own personal lives and relationship growth whilst at the same time assisting them to work successfully in highly pressured and competitive corporate environments.

Seminars can be tailored to meet the varying life event stages of employees and content designed, after consultation with relevant personnel, to deliver a responsive seminar which meets the needs of specific target groups of employees.

Here are some examples of seminars we can deliver to your workplace:

  • Understanding Ourselves – And What To Do About It!
  • Be an Improver – The Secret of Building Self-Esteem
  • Juggling Too Many Balls?
  • Working & Parenting – Raising Responsible Children
  • Bringing Up Baby, Being A Mum… And Working?
  • Smacking & Shouting – How to Discipline Without It!
  • Managing The Family Juggle
  • Talking So That People Will Listen – And Listening So That People Will Talk
  • Toddlers to Teenagers – seminars to assist working parents

Contact Jeannette Harrison for more information about our seminars and how they can benefit your employees and your business.