Corporate & Family Care
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This is the third time I have attended [a C&FCA seminar]…each time I have left with practical and helpful hints for guiding behaviour and they have worked.

Corporate & Family Care Australia provides seminars to parents, adults involved in the provision of early childhood services and those working with families.

These seminars are intelligent and entertaining, with a focus on self-esteem, behaviour and communication. They work to encourage the building of responsive and democratic relationships with children, enhancing communication and interactions within families, schools and early childhood settings. Seminars have a realistic balance of theory and practical application.

Content themes include:

  • Understanding children: a new approach
  • Developing positive relationships
  • Understanding children’s behaviour
  • Responding with guidance techniques
  • An environment for effective parenting
  • Raising responsible and resilient children

Contact Jeannette Harrison for more information about our seminars and how they can enhance outcomes for children and those who care for them.